shame - Food for Worms (★★★★★) album review: The Skinny

South London quintet shame return to valiant form on their latest album Food for Worms. Where their last effort Drunk Tank Pink delved inward for inspiration, their latest work recaptures that je ne sais quoi that first brought the band to attention back in 2018 by focusing on all things outward looking. But not only have they distilled the spirit of their stellar debut Songs of Praise here, they’ve enhanced it with a generous glug of mature songwriting, which washes down a treat.

New venues in Dundee: December 2022 - The Skinny

Over the last few years, Dundee’s Reform Street has been branded as the city’s new food haven. Various restaurants have come and gone in the same space of time, but the latest aiming to cement its place in Dundee’s city centre is Chaiiwala. The popular tearoom and Indian street food venue has locations across Scotland, including in Glasgow and Edinburgh.

Its hot and cold drinks like chai teas and mango and rose faloodas (milkshakes with ice cream) are solid tastebud tinglers. One of its most po

Jockstrap @ Stereo, Glasgow: live review - The Skinny

London duo Jockstrap are turning heads for all the right reasons. The release of their debut album I Love You Jennifer B last month has ignited a wave of album of the year calls; its musical dexterity is wholly effervescent. Sexually charged lyrics are approached through a modernist, autobiographical lens across the album. But at Jockstrap’s core is the playful enjoyment of duo Georgia Ellery and Taylor Skye, who get their kicks from making music that feels wholly new.

Pixies album review: Doggerel - The Skinny

The haunting howls and invasive guitars of Pixies provided the gateway to grunge in the US in the late 1980s. Now over 30 years later, Doggerel sees the band aiming to offer fans something new with their material; something more conventional, sophisticated and orchestrated. Facets of their endearing original sound still remain. But as with any band that’s inevitably ageing, two paths present themselves: evolution, or comfortable mediocrity. Thankfully, Doggerel doesn’t fall into the latter.

Julia Jacklin album review: PRE PLEASURE - The Skinny

Bringing her notable brand of direct lyricism and playful nature into her third album is the beautifully talented Melbourne-via-Blue Mountains artist, Julia Jacklin. She describes the recording process of PRE PLEASURE as frantic in a press release – but its end result is anything but. Floating between tenderness and indie looseness, Jacklin’s all-round abilities as a singer-songwriter come to the fore here.
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