Next Wave #1125: Lucia & The Best Boys | Next Wave

Friends of The Last Dinner Party, Dream Wife and even Wolf Alice who they toured with last year, Glasgow’s Lucia & The Best Boys are cementing their status as one of the UK’s hottest bands. They’ve been in no rush to rise to the top; forming eight years ago, this September marks the long awaited arrival of their debut album ‘Burning Castles’. A lot of things may have changed for them since they formed. But lead singer Lucia Fairfull believes that the band’s je ne sais quoi has always remained.

SON Estrella Galicia Takes Over East London With Miss Tiny, Jessica Winter | Live

Summer nights, Spanish beers, delicious food and great live music. This could be the ideal set up for an evening on the streets of Barcelona. But with the return of SON Estrella Galicia’s showcase event, it is Paper Dress Vintage on Hackney’s Mare Street where the fiesta of music, beer, gastronomy and positive impact is poised to entertain alongside a generous pinch of alegría de la vida.

Next Wave #1102: Redolent | Next Wave

Thought Glasgow was the hub of music in Scotland? Think again. With Young Fathers and Hamish Hawk spearheading the scene on the other side of the M8, Edinburgh is looking as musically colourful as it has for many a year. Redolent, an alt-pop quintet based in Leith, are one of the area’s most exciting new prospects. They’ve just signed to Columbia, released their debut EP ‘make big money fast online now’ and are relishing living their lives as full time musicians.

Saint Jude - Signal | Reviews

Saint Jude’s journey into the world of music hasn’t been an easy one. DJing was the South Londoner’s first pursuit. But his prospects were hindered significantly due to developing tinnitus at a very early age. However, cutting out music completely wasn’t an option for Jude. He found solace in creating music whilst being attentive to his condition. He’s released two EPs; his second, ‘Bodies Of Water’, being a real triumphant body of work. Now, Jude’s debut album ‘Signal’ marks a shift...

Next Wave #1082: beaux | Next Wave

Imagine finishing school early to pursue music, being picked up by a record label from a DM and later finding your music gaining the seal of approval from Matty Healy of The 1975. Sounds pretty dreamy, right? For beaux, this was his pathway into the music industry. He’s now set to release his fourth EP in the space of two years. And in doing so, he is crafting his case for being Dirty Hit’s (beabadoobee, The 1975, Rina Sawayama) next pop prodigy.

Next Wave #1048: Parliamo

Perth and Kinross isn’t exactly known for its musical talent. But with the arrival of Parliamo, that could be about to change. Since evolving from a rapturous five-piece to a silky sextet, the band recently signed a mini-album deal with Modern Sky (The Coral, The Latuhms, Crawlers). The fruit of this deal is out now, in the form of ‘The Parliamo Manifesto’. It’s an EP with a baggy aura that carries a Damon Albarn-esque, tongue-in-cheek likeability...

anaiis - this is no longer a dream

Dreams are interesting things. They can fill us with aspiration as quickly as they can haul as back down to earth. For French-Senegalese artist anaiis, divulging the paradoxical dualities of dreams from the viewpoint of her own arduous life experiences is central in the make-up of her vulnerable debut album, ‘This Is No Longer A Dream’. Brimming with introspection, the album flows through subversion into empowerment as anaiis pieces together distorted fragments of her inner psyche...

Next Wave #1040: Flossing

“I needed a break from the bass guitar after having my public identity wrapped up in it for the past four years.” These are the words of Flossing, aka Heather Elle, the steely bassist of New York City’s The Wants and previously BODEGA. Like most touring musicians, Heather found herself in a bit of a rut when the world shut down in March last year – no gigs, no creative output. However, she quickly devoted herself to her collection of self-described “misfit singles” she’d been neglecting...

In Conversation: Indigo De Souza

Indigo De Souza is creative to the core. The daughter of a bossa nova guitarist and a wildly creative visual artist, music and art have been constants in Indigo’s life from the get go. She grew up in Spruce Pine, North Carolina - a small, creatively uninspiring town. Things changed, however, when she moved to Asheville during high school with her sister. An otherwise shy character, this was where Indigo’s musical artistry would begin to flourish.

Next Wave #1032: Dylan Fraser

With an urge to play music at three years old and a mum who’d play guitar around him throughout his youth, Dylan Fraser was a misfit compared to his fellow pupils at school in Bathgate; none of his peers shared as strong an artistic impulse as he did. So, like his dad, he dropped out of school at 15 – but not to work on a building site. Instead, within the space of four years, Dylan signed to Atlantic Records and his second EP on the label is due for imminent arrival.
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