Raveloe — Catkins

Raveloe is a Scottish singer songwriter based in Glasgow. AKA Kim Grant, Raveloe is currently signed to Olive Grove Records — a Scottish, independent record label that’s harbored some of the country’s most endearing new artists, including Carla J. Easton and Jo Mango. Her debut EP was released just earlier this year with tracks like “Steady” inviting listeners into her chasm of sound that already stands out among the Scottish scene.

Wu-Lu — Broken Homes

Wu-Lu — aka Miles Romans-Hopcraft — is one of the most innovative new faces in UK music. Peppering the airwaves this year with a flurry of psychedelic, punk-rap cuts, he’s been championed heavily on BBC Radio 6 Music as well as many music publications. Closing out the year in style after recently signing to London indie label Warp Records (Flying Lotus, Boards of Canada, Aphex Twin), Wu-Lu presents his most visceral track yet, “Broken Homes.”

Next Wave #1048: Parliamo

Perth and Kinross isn’t exactly known for its musical talent. But with the arrival of Parliamo, that could be about to change. Since evolving from a rapturous five-piece to a silky sextet, the band recently signed a mini-album deal with Modern Sky (The Coral, The Latuhms, Crawlers). The fruit of this deal is out now, in the form of ‘The Parliamo Manifesto’. It’s an EP with a baggy aura that carries a Damon Albarn-esque, tongue-in-cheek likeability...

Infinite Coles — Infidel

Being the son of a world-famous rapper may not be the easiest thing for everyone to deal with. But Infinite Coles is taking it in his stride. The NYC singer, actor, model, dancer and artist is the son of Wu-Tang Clan stalwart Ghostface Killah. Now, after a flurry of notable featured vocal appearances with electronic producers like Joy Orbison and Mella Dee, Coles is preparing to make his own mark in the world of music with his sophomore single “Infidel."

DAMEFRISØR — Do You Think I'm Special?

Buzzy new Bristol band DAMEFRISØR have had to wait a while to bring out their highly anticipated single “Do You Think I’m Special?” on UK indie label Permanent Creeps Records. Like many bands and artists, DAMEFRISØR’s original release plans had succumbed to the extremities of the pandemic and delays were unavoidable. However, the time has now come for them to reveal their third recorded musical export to the world and their true debut — and it does not disappoint.

Lazarus Kane — Psychobabble

Adding their name to the flurry of eccentric guitar bands coming out of the UK right now is the enigmatic Lazarus Kane. They first garnered attention with their debut release on Dan Carey’s Speedy Wunderground label “Narcissus” in 2019. Now, they’re unveiling the most comprehensive insight into their musical psyche yet with their debut EP, Psychobabble. It’s great fun, but is also their strongest, most hook-laden work to date.

anaiis - this is no longer a dream

Dreams are interesting things. They can fill us with aspiration as quickly as they can haul as back down to earth. For French-Senegalese artist anaiis, divulging the paradoxical dualities of dreams from the viewpoint of her own arduous life experiences is central in the make-up of her vulnerable debut album, ‘This Is No Longer A Dream’. Brimming with introspection, the album flows through subversion into empowerment as anaiis pieces together distorted fragments of her inner psyche...

Next Wave #1040: Flossing

“I needed a break from the bass guitar after having my public identity wrapped up in it for the past four years.” These are the words of Flossing, aka Heather Elle, the steely bassist of New York City’s The Wants and previously BODEGA. Like most touring musicians, Heather found herself in a bit of a rut when the world shut down in March last year – no gigs, no creative output. However, she quickly devoted herself to her collection of self-described “misfit singles” she’d been neglecting...

In Conversation: Indigo De Souza

Indigo De Souza is creative to the core. The daughter of a bossa nova guitarist and a wildly creative visual artist, music and art have been constants in Indigo’s life from the get go. She grew up in Spruce Pine, North Carolina - a small, creatively uninspiring town. Things changed, however, when she moved to Asheville during high school with her sister. An otherwise shy character, this was where Indigo’s musical artistry would begin to flourish.
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