Next Wave #1161: Angus1 | Next Wave

Straddling upbeat electronic music with bags of introspective lyricism, Angus1 is an artist and producer with a sonic palette that defies convention. He may be a newcomer to the scene, but his music feels both refined and forward-thinking. It’s also deeply personal too; his project’s raison d’être became solidified after he confronted lifelong mental health struggles through therapy...

wojtek the bear - Shaking Hands With The NME | Reviews

Glasgow is home to a number of incredible bands and artists. wojtek the bear could be deemed as veterans of their local scene, having formed in 2016 and played numerous festivals across the UK and beyond. They could also be deemed as indie pop revivalists, having gained notable appreciation and played alongside iconic Scottish peers such as Belle & Sebastian and Camera Obscura. But with their third album ‘shaking hands with the NME’, wojtek the bear are at the top of their game.

"We're A Set Of Five Action Figures!" Gustaf Interviewed | Features

New York City’s hottest post-punk outfit Gustaf are a frenetic delight. Chaos has been their unlikely guiding force. Their first gig was hit by a blizzard, they didn’t even have a name when they first started playing shows. Somehow, it’s all worked out. And since lead singer Lydia Gammill started the band “on a whim” by offering to help her friends drive their van down to SXSW in 2018, with the deal of playing a few shows with them in return, the talented five-piece haven’t looked back since.

Next Wave #1125: Lucia & The Best Boys | Next Wave

Friends of The Last Dinner Party, Dream Wife and even Wolf Alice who they toured with last year, Glasgow’s Lucia & The Best Boys are cementing their status as one of the UK’s hottest bands. They’ve been in no rush to rise to the top; forming eight years ago, this September marks the long awaited arrival of their debut album ‘Burning Castles’. A lot of things may have changed for them since they formed. But lead singer Lucia Fairfull believes that the band’s je ne sais quoi has always remained.

SON Estrella Galicia Takes Over East London With Miss Tiny, Jessica Winter | Live

Summer nights, Spanish beers, delicious food and great live music. This could be the ideal set up for an evening on the streets of Barcelona. But with the return of SON Estrella Galicia’s showcase event, it is Paper Dress Vintage on Hackney’s Mare Street where the fiesta of music, beer, gastronomy and positive impact is poised to entertain alongside a generous pinch of alegría de la vida.

Next Wave #1102: Redolent | Next Wave

Thought Glasgow was the hub of music in Scotland? Think again. With Young Fathers and Hamish Hawk spearheading the scene on the other side of the M8, Edinburgh is looking as musically colourful as it has for many a year. Redolent, an alt-pop quintet based in Leith, are one of the area’s most exciting new prospects. They’ve just signed to Columbia, released their debut EP ‘make big money fast online now’ and are relishing living their lives as full time musicians.

shame - Food for Worms (★★★★★) album review: The Skinny

South London quintet shame return to valiant form on their latest album Food for Worms. Where their last effort Drunk Tank Pink delved inward for inspiration, their latest work recaptures that je ne sais quoi that first brought the band to attention back in 2018 by focusing on all things outward looking. But not only have they distilled the spirit of their stellar debut Songs of Praise here, they’ve enhanced it with a generous glug of mature songwriting, which washes down a treat.
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