Junk Drawer — The Dust Has Come to Stay

Hailing from Belfast in Northern Ireland, Junk Drawer is a band that’s producing anything but junk. Made up of four multi-instrumentalists, brothers, Stevie and Jake Lennox, as well as Brian Coney and Rory Dee, the outfit has already gained critical acclaim in the UK and won accolades such as the Northern Ireland Music Prize in 2019 for the track “Year of the Sofa.” Now, the quartet are back with a new EP that showcases their wit, talent, and quirkiness to the full.

NOBRO — Live Your Truth Shred Some Gnar

If you like music that holds no bars from the first second to the last, you’ll love NOBRO. The Montreal four-piece could be classed as punk rock, but their ethos is all about challenging these types of categorisations and making music that’s purely their own. Live Your Truth Shred Some Gnar is NOBRO’s sophomore EP, and boy does it pack a punch.

Kathryn McCaughey (bassist/vocalist) founded NOBRO when the aftermath of a relationship with a prominent Montreal musician made her determined to be “mo

Raveloe — Catkins

Raveloe is a Scottish singer songwriter based in Glasgow. AKA Kim Grant, Raveloe is currently signed to Olive Grove Records — a Scottish, independent record label that’s harbored some of the country’s most endearing new artists, including Carla J. Easton and Jo Mango. Her debut EP was released just earlier this year with tracks like “Steady” inviting listeners into her chasm of sound that already stands out among the Scottish scene.

Wu-Lu — Broken Homes

Wu-Lu — aka Miles Romans-Hopcraft — is one of the most innovative new faces in UK music. Peppering the airwaves this year with a flurry of psychedelic, punk-rap cuts, he’s been championed heavily on BBC Radio 6 Music as well as many music publications. Closing out the year in style after recently signing to London indie label Warp Records (Flying Lotus, Boards of Canada, Aphex Twin), Wu-Lu presents his most visceral track yet, “Broken Homes.”

Infinite Coles — Infidel

Being the son of a world-famous rapper may not be the easiest thing for everyone to deal with. But Infinite Coles is taking it in his stride. The NYC singer, actor, model, dancer and artist is the son of Wu-Tang Clan stalwart Ghostface Killah. Now, after a flurry of notable featured vocal appearances with electronic producers like Joy Orbison and Mella Dee, Coles is preparing to make his own mark in the world of music with his sophomore single “Infidel."

DAMEFRISØR — Do You Think I'm Special?

Buzzy new Bristol band DAMEFRISØR have had to wait a while to bring out their highly anticipated single “Do You Think I’m Special?” on UK indie label Permanent Creeps Records. Like many bands and artists, DAMEFRISØR’s original release plans had succumbed to the extremities of the pandemic and delays were unavoidable. However, the time has now come for them to reveal their third recorded musical export to the world and their true debut — and it does not disappoint.

Lazarus Kane — Psychobabble

Adding their name to the flurry of eccentric guitar bands coming out of the UK right now is the enigmatic Lazarus Kane. They first garnered attention with their debut release on Dan Carey’s Speedy Wunderground label “Narcissus” in 2019. Now, they’re unveiling the most comprehensive insight into their musical psyche yet with their debut EP, Psychobabble. It’s great fun, but is also their strongest, most hook-laden work to date.
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